Registered before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Scott Hendrix focuses his practice on domestic and international patent prosecution in the chemical processing, mechanical equipment, and computer software and architecture areas. He is particularly fluent in understanding industrial automation, process design, and process instrumentation.

Scott assists firm clients in developing and implementing company-specific patent strategies, evaluating the patentability of new products and inventions, and preparing and prosecuting patent applications wherever his clients seek to do business. Scott advises on the initial preparation and filing of patent applications and the subsequent prosecution of such applications before patent examiners and before the USPTO’s Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences. He also searches and analyzes prior art to evaluate an invention’s patentability and crafts viable patent claims that can stand the test of time.

An engineering enthusiast at the core, Scott is at his best when collaborating with clients involved in cutting-edge innovation and development. Prior to the law, Scott specified, installed, and commissioned products for practically every type of industrial facility imaginable (ranging from pharmaceuticals to chicken feather recycling). He knows first-hand what it takes to design instruments and controls for facilities and other operational endeavors and is often better able to understand client goals and concerns. Scott takes pride in serving others and feels a sense of accomplishment once patent prosecution has successfully concluded and the patents or products hit the market.

Scott is valued by clients and colleagues alike for his ability to establish immediate rapport and easy communication at all levels of sophistication. He is consistently appreciated for his capacity to break down the legal patent prosecution process into actionable, viable steps for business professionals and engineers alike while also demonstrating an elevated level of competency in the law and technology. Moreover, Scott is reasonable, relatable, and effectual, making him a critical member of the client team.

Before Becoming a Lawyer

After earning his degree in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Scott gained substantial industrial and engineering experience in the manufacturing and processing sectors. He cultivated both process engineering and process design acumen while holding various positions with chemical manufacturers, engineering firms, and process automation companies.

In addition, Scott worked extensively with clients involved in the pulp and paper, specialty chemical, power, and food processing industries. Having spent so much time onsite, he knows what drives company professionals on the ground floor of development.

Having grown up in rural Georgia, outside of Savannah, Scott spent his younger life in the fresh air waterskiing, riding dirt bikes, and playing tennis and football. He attributes his continued reliance on team play, good communication skills, and the ability to adjust to those around him to the many small town and school activities in which he was engaged in his formative years.

Outside the Office

Tennis is Scott’s favorite pastime by far, playing in multiple leagues around Savannah. He is at his best, however, when taking out his fishing boat with his family and dog, Bucky, combing the sandbars for shark teeth. A man of contradiction, Scott is a hardcore heavy metal music connoisseur who also spends many hours building watches for his friends and family. Married for decades, Scott has two grown sons, including one at Berry College and another at Georgia Tech, his alma mater.

Practice Areas


  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1993
  • J.D., Savannah Law School, summa cum laude, 2019


  • United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Georgia Bar