JMIN is an integrated team of veteran IP attorneys and professionals with proven experience and results from past careers in other law firms, in-house law departments, university tech transfer offices, and commercial and academic research facilities. We practice and thrive at the intersection of legal and technical knowledge, intelligence, creativity, practical problem-solving, and strategic planning.

We Were Virtual Before Virtual Was Cool.

A decade before COVID-19 forced law firms to react, JMIN’s founding partners envisioned a new kind of firm — a virtual law firm. That business model they would utilize technology and cloud-based efficiencies, attract top talent who could thrive outside a brick-and-mortar environment, and closely align with pioneering, future-focused clients. IP research, development, and investment are everywhere, and since opening our doors, our virtual arrangement has given us the freedom to operate and meet our clients’ needs wherever they are.

Clients also benefit from the leanness and cost-efficiency of our virtual business model. Because we don’t maintain high-rent offices trimmed in brass and mahogany, JMIN’s rates are attractively competitive with an emphasis on value over status.

BigLaw: Been There, Done That, Left.

Many of our lawyers chose to leave BigLaw firms in favor of our virtual offering. We are dedicated to a core structure and cultural philosophy that distinguishes us from the oversized practices we exited.

Unlike enormous full-service firms:

  • We share the same entrepreneurial spirit and perspective as our clients, further igniting our vision and creativity.
  • We forge deeper and stronger client relationships at all levels.
  • We aren’t highly leveraged, nor do we push work to junior attorneys to pad our margins. An experienced attorney oversees every matter from beginning to end, resulting in bespoke counsel, focused legal advice, and cost-effective service.
  • We invest in knowing every client’s business, strategy, market, competitors, technology — the entire landscape. We are fluent in your intellectual property and even your most ambitious commercialization objectives.
  • Our clients expect and receive a world-class work product, absolute responsiveness, and thoughtful communication that respects their time and intelligence.
  • JMIN is intentionally nimble; we’ve purposefully chosen an alternative business model that makes sense for our clients and their bottom lines. You won’t find inflated overhead, multi-layer hierarchies, or a churn-and-burn approach here.

Clients don’t sacrifice technical know-how or intellectual sophistication when they engage our boutique practice. On the contrary, the subject matter expertise and competency they enjoy from JMIN are often the same or better than our BigLaw peers.