In today’s global marketplace, no industry is like another. We know because many of the experienced intellectual property lawyers and professionals at JMIN used to work in those industries. We walk the walk and talk the talk.

But it’s JMIN’s collective legal knowledge, diverse scientific and technical backgrounds, and distinctly client-focused business model that makes us the go-to law firm for inventors, university researchers, research facilities, and investors in need of best-in-class IP counsel and guidance – regardless of their industry or innovation focus.

We help individuals, startups, and market leaders own, protect, and capitalize on their patents, trademarks, and copyrights in the U.S. or internationally. Select an industry below for a more detailed description of our insight and expertise.


JMIN’s aerospace experience is extensive, covering design, materials, and operational methods. We have successfully prosecuted patents for aircraft and spacecraft systems, command and control systems, turboprop and turbojet engines, avionics and navigation, fluid transmission, weaponry, and other emerging civilian and military technologies. Given the significant level of investment in aerospace R&D and frequent national security considerations, we are vigilant about safeguarding the secrecy of every client’s work.

Artificial Intelligence

Investment in artificial intelligence is rapidly accelerating, driving market advancement around the world. JMIN understands the ground-breaking and sophisticated technologies associated with AI innovation and productization. Our team works with inventors, researchers, and other stakeholders to identify and safeguard AI-related IP in its many forms and applications. We know how to distinguish and help monetize technologies that manage extensive data sets and the algorithmic models that empower AI systems while recognizing the controversies surrounding AI’s ability to create new intellectual property.

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

JMIN represents individuals and institutions on the frontier of life science discoveries, including biotech companies, universities, hospitals, and research institutions of all sizes. While clients appreciate our legal acumen, they value our people’s scientific and technical backgrounds; we bring a far-reaching understanding of chemistry, biology, engineering, and genetics — know-how that translates into solutions that maximize ownership and commercialization opportunities. We also have experience in leading-edge technologies, such as bioinformatics, combinatorial chemistry, GMOs and genomics, medical imaging and displays, molecular biology, pharmaceuticals and drug discovery, and all types of genetics and transgenic technologies.

Biomedical Devices

As medical devices rapidly advance beyond traditional hardware-based systems to biological materials, JMIN continues to serve as counsel to the pioneers of biological sciences medical device breakthroughs. We work with scientists and organizational clients seeking to own and leverage the IP of gene editing, 3D printing, medicine and advanced cell therapies, nanotechnologies, ingestible diagnostics (including nanobots and smart drugs), and immunotherapies. Our team knows the evolution of this distinct industry well and will guide you through owning and monetizing such assets around the world.

Financial Services

JMIN is deeply engrained in the IP side of the financial services industry, representing banks and financial institutions, financial services companies, and other industry players since the firm was founded. We advise clients on safeguarding their patents, trademarks, and copyrights to secure competitive advantages and keep pace with technological transformations. Our lawyers have been at the forefront of financial technology developments in mobile banking, payment options and systems, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation (RPA) across domestic and international operations.

Electronics & Semiconductors

JMIN helps industry clients in the electronics space lead and capitalize on product design, manufacturing, and automation trends. Our legal experience and technical backgrounds have let us become well-versed in integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing and packaging, energy and green systems, telecommunications, security and monitoring apparatus, and medical devices, along with newer advances involving the Internet of things (IoT), machine learning, and multi-application uses and devices. We possess a broad skill set for capably managing and protecting IP portfolios comprising virtually every asset type in these industries.

Energy & Sustainability

When clean energy, green tech, sustainable and renewable energy, petroleum, natural gas, fuel cell, and other energy-based innovators need IP counsel who understand their markets and can offer practical advice for securing and leveraging IP assets, they turn to JMIN. We represent established companies and startups alike, counseling them on all facets of their IP investments. Our work in emerging areas includes clean hydrogen generation, hydrocarbon conversion, hydrocarbon extraction technologies, deep-sea oil and gas withdrawal and control, contaminant reclamation, energy exchange, and other growth areas in the energy ecosystem.

Engineering & Robotics

Our mechanical engineering repertoire is wide-reaching, from mature technologies to emerging advances in autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and robotics used in medical, office, construction, and warehouse environments. Providing comprehensive IP representation in this industry requires legal and technical proficiency combined with practical knowledge and appreciation of the user or intended beneficiary. We help inventors and investors in this relentlessly competitive space transform designs, prototypes, and improvements into protected, monetizable assets, which we can only do by taking the time to understand technologies inside and out.

Industrial Chemistry

JMIN counsels chemists and chemical engineers who are revolutionizing new compounds, formulations, and uses. Our clients are leading universities, future-focused entrepreneurs, and innovative businesses that drive industrial chemical advancements, and we help them prosecute and license patents that advance polymers, lubricants, adhesives, alternative fuels, asphalt and concrete, nanoparticles, petroleum products and processes, and other products. We also advise clients on protecting and managing IP portfolios with trademarks, copyrights, proprietary information, and trade secrets that distinguish them in the global marketplace.

Materials Science

With various research and technical backgrounds in materials science, members of the JMIN team provide comprehensive IP counsel. From patent prosecution to licensing and disposition, we design effective legal strategies and solutions for pharmaceutical companies, university labs, industrial chemical manufacturers, large- and small-scale cosmetic brands, and other innovators who make and distribute products worldwide.