JMIN helps clients protect valuable works in various forms, then advises them on strategies to maximize those copyrights.

From registration to negotiating licenses and documenting licensing programs to termination and disposition, we collaborate with companies of all sizes to safeguard materials, such as:

  • Computer software.
  • Video games.
  • Literary works (novels, essays, articles, scripts, and other written publications).
  • Motion pictures, television shows, and other audiovisual works.
  • Dramatic works and accompanying music.
  • Musical works and lyrics.
  • Sound recordings and underlying compositions.

Our copyright practitioners counsel clients regarding the broad range of regulatory requirements and strategic considerations associated with copyrighting and copyrighted materials, including:

  • Determinations of what works are copyrightable, and whether to register them.
  • Searches and investigations into privately-owned and public domain copyrights.
  • Benefits of copyright registration.
  • Acquisition of copyright protection for particular works.
  • Compliance with the U.S. Copyright Act.
  • Structuring transactions, including work-for-hire and joint works agreements, to properly vest copyright ownership.

Once a work is safely copyrighted in the U.S. and internationally, JMIN keeps each client abreast of their exclusive rights and compulsory licensing issues, as well as proper notice of copyright protection and renewal.

Where licensing is not warranted, we provide guidance on viable alternatives that let clients leverage their assets and investments.