Information is power and, in the venture capital arena, in-depth assessments of proprietary technologies and other intellectual property give investors the confidence they need to ink the deal or walk away from the table.

Because of our vast legal knowledge, technical expertise, and cost-effective counsel, VC firms rely on JMIN to help them make those critical decisions.

JMIN understands technological and scientific advancements because many of our attorneys and professionals worked in university, nonprofit, and commercial R&D environments before parlaying skills and experiences into the law. We’ve demonstrated our worth in various fields, such as biotech and chemicals, where we are fluent in early-stage innovations like CRISPR and early platform technologies involving small molecules and diagnostics.

The analyses and counsel we provide to inventors on patentability, copyright and trademark protection, and IP strategy also extend to weighing the opportunity and risks associated with IP-related VC and private equity funding. Our value to IP-focused due diligence is simple: we help clients see around corners.

The Art in the Deal

Whether an invention is a variation of prior art or a first-of-its-kind, cutting-edge innovation, we advise parties on all sides of the investment deal regarding the strengths and advantages, threats and competition, and monetization opportunities of a single asset or an extensive IP portfolio. We distill complex technologies into information VCs can digest and act upon with certainty.

We collaborate with corporate finance lawyers and their VC clients, many of whom bring JMIN into the due diligence stage.

Clients count on us to:

  • Conduct IP due diligence tailored to the VC’s specific needs based on the investment, equity position, company structure, and specific monetization goals.
  • Assess market factors that offer context and inform the scope of the due diligence investigation.
  • Identify and verify IP ownership and determine the feasibility of existing and prospective licensing agreements and future disposition.
  • Evaluate the IP’s position within an industry or market using competitor and stakeholder intelligence.
  • Analyze the risks associated with the IP’s specific regulatory and compliance framework, potential for litigation, and ROI and growth projections.
  • Discover obviousness and double-patenting issues that are overlooked and difficult to overcome.

JMIN is a collection of first-class lawyers and professionals at the top of their IP game. Our comprehension and deep appreciation of emerging technologies, combined with our virtual IP law firm model, positions us to not only compete in the VC world but also make us the law firm of choice for VC due diligence matters.