Fundamentally IP

IP law is at the heart of everything we do. JMIN is your strategic partner for designing and executing the legal structure you need to manage and leverage inventions, innovations, works, brands, and portfolios on a global scale and across highly specialized industries and sectors.

We represent clients worldwide, ranging from garage inventors and entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Our client base includes small businesses, fast-growth companies, major domestic and international corporations, universities, research centers, and think tanks.

Fundamentally IP means JMIN is more hands-on, more attentive, and more economical than our BigLaw and large boutique competitors. We are laser-focused on your distinct goals and measure our success by your success. Here’s how:

  • We deliver greater value by streamlining solutions, getting the most from our sweat equity, and optimizing each client’s investment of time and resources.
  • Our dexterity, nimbleness, and bureaucracy-free environment offer clients real-time responsiveness.
  • We are smart legal, business, and operational strategists who are accessible, relatable, and driven to go above and beyond in everything we do.
  • We serve as trusted advisors who deliver skill, value, personal attention, and the right solutions at the right time to present and future market leaders.
  • We bring decades of proven insight, boundless curiosity, and genuine interest in our clients and their inventions to provide clear and considerate answers to complex questions.
  • We can reconcile scientific and technological advancement, business risk, and legal protections to maximize ROI.

JMIN offers the scalability you need at every phase of your IP prosecution, management, monetization, and strategy processes. From identifying and owning your inventions to early-stage investment and market entry, to advising your C-suite executives and boards of directors on global IP strategy, to portfolio management and development, to monetization strategies that lead to the desired end game or exit strategy, JMIN is the optimal choice for intellectual property counsel today and as you grow.