Dr. Jerrin Kuriakose is an experienced scientist and patent agent who works alongside firm attorneys and inventors to guide patent applications through the complicated USPTO patent prosecution process. With an extensive background in bio-organic chemistry, Jerrin advises on all aspects of researching and assessing patentability, drafting patent applications, and analyzing and responding to USPTO Actions.

Jerrin’s doctorate in bio-organic chemistry and postdoctoral research led to his expertise in NMR, Mass Spectrometry, HPLC, Flow Cytometry, UV/Vis, Organic Synthesis, and more. At JMIN, he works closely with clients to draft and defend their patent applications through the prosecution process and seek widespread coverage in U.S. and foreign patent agencies.

Prior to JMIN

Before joining JMIN, Jerrin founded a life-sciences research and intellectual property consulting firm in Tampa, Florida, focused on the discovery and development of Novel Science. His responsibilities included examining PCT patent applications, providing patentability guidance, conducting prior art searches for innovations, and composing written opinions for the USPTO.

Jerrin also worked as a patent agent at a prominent global law firm in San Francisco, known for its expertise in technology, life sciences, venture capital, and other emerging industries. There, he managed clients ranging from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 100 companies.

As a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School, Jerrin designed and synthesized antibody-drug conjugates and targeted nanoparticles for cancer therapy and imaging. In addition, he developed small-molecule probes to enable point-of-care detection of antibiotic drug resistance and treatment of drug-resistant malaria. Many of his projects were presented at national conferences and in multiple journal publications.

Jerrin earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Bio-Organic Chemistry at Purdue University. He received a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at St. Stephens College at the University of Delhi, India.


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Purdue University, 2014
  • M.S. and B.S., Chemistry, St. Stephens College at University of Delhi, India, 2006

Published Work

  • Shoaib Ashraf, Areeba Khalid, Jerrin Kuriakose, Akilan Palanisami, Yanfang Feng, and Tayyaba Hasan REAP (Rapid Elimination of Active Plasmodium): A photodynamic strategy exploiting intrinsic kinetics of the parasite to combat severe malaria.” J Photochem Photobiol B, 2021, 223:112286.
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