Nate Smalls is responsible for continuously developing and maintaining JMIN’s domestic docketing/filing systems. He creates, processes, and maintains all file records, as well as files and retrieves documents for firm personnel. Nate also prepares records for off-site storage, establishes file logs to track file locations, and disposes files according to established document retention protocols. In addition, Nate is involved in other clerical duties, such as handling domestic and international mail, maintaining the firmwide calendar, managing office equipment, and ordering supplies.

Nate has been with JMIN since its inception more than a decade ago. He is masterfully efficient when shepherding all information regarding the patent prosecution process, corresponding and working with and through the USPTO, and ensuring all firm attorneys and support staff receive the information they need to serve firm clients in real-time. Of particular note, Nate’s high level of reading comprehension results in up-to-date information on myriad patents that remain in alignment throughout the lifecycle of prosecution, while he tracks appropriate due dates and fees accordingly.

Everyone who works with Nate appreciates his intensity of effort yet mellow approach to managing and organizing copious amounts of information, the timely fashion in which he completes assignments, and his ever-positive attitude. On a personal level, Nate derives great professional satisfaction in serving on legal teams that make innovation a tangible reality. As a result, Nate is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his work product and organizational endeavors reflect the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Prior to JMIN

Before joining the firm, Nate worked as a docket/file clerk at King & Spalding for many years. Nate also served as a manager for Delta in the corporate office, where he supervised Delta’s overnight and other express mail – the perfect training ground for cultivating the critical operational and organizational skills he employs today.

Outside of the Office

Whether they go on long hikes, simple walks, or hang out at home gardening, Nate and his dog, Rollo, enjoy the outdoors. A beach lover at the core, Nate is also passionate about freshwater fishing and has been known to catch bass and catfish on many occasions. When Nate is not taking in the fresh air and the great outdoors, you can find him cheering on his favorite Georgia teams, including the Bulldogs, Braves, Falcons, and Hawks.


Miscellaneous coursework, Fort Valley State University