For decades, Wes Garland has served as a successful leader, decisive decision-maker, and impactful thought-innovator in managing law firms and other business entities. His track record of benchmark results and streamlined best practices in risk management, financial planning, and strategic and business development is manifest in his tireless dedication to preserving institutional integrity, cultivating a results-driven, supportive, and efficient culture, and ensuring continuous ROI in myriad markets and economic settings.

Responsible for JMIN’s operations and overall profitability, Wes is a tried-and-true people person who is direct and candid. He steadfastly focuses on what is best for the firm by unlocking human potential, ensuring financial fitness, and remaining agile to realize distinct client objectives. The ultimate problem-solver, Wes has proven time and again his ability to mitigate roadblocks to progress and streamline conflict across all law firm initiatives.

As JMIN’s primary business executive and financial expert, Wes manages overall firm efficiency, continuous process improvement, and vendor selection and management. He oversees JMIN’s accounting department with responsibilities that range from receivables management and rate increases to settlement negotiation and dispute resolution involving firm stakeholders inside and outside the firm.

Wes delivers proven skills in budgeting, change management, customer relations, process engineering, performance management, relationship development, and workflow analysis, among many other highly specialized and acute business disciplines. He is experienced in data analytics, financial credit modeling, and trend analysis in billing and collections, as well as in client accruals, forecasting, intake, banking, and annual partner/professional reviews.

Wes believes in excellence, productivity, and practical time and resource conservation in everything he does. He personally invests in taking care of his colleagues and the firm. Valued for his no-nonsense candor, Wes epitomizes working hard, celebrating milestones, and cultivating a culture known for not only a deep bench of capability and unprecedented know-how but also one that is responsive and fair.

Prior to JMIN

Prior to joining the firm, Wes served as the intellectual business manager and senior risk manager for King & Spalding and a senior risk manager at Kilpatrick Stockton LLP. He worked as vice president/vendor manager and legal collections manager for Bank of Hawaii and as the regional credit and asset recovery manager for Snap-on Credit. Earlier in his career, Wes served as operations manager for Asset Management Inc. and a collection manager for Faeber Law Firm.

Outside the Office

First and foremost, Wes is all about family, including his wife and three adult children (two daughters and a son), and extended family and friends.

A life-long athlete dedicated to the intense, disciplined sport of body-building, it is no surprise that Wes brings his honed and distinct physical performance discipline into every area of his life – particularly in running the business of the firm.

However, Wes is not all about hard work. He also insists on having fun. Cooking, good cheer, and an offbeat sense of humor make Wes the first pick for all things social and enjoyable. Most weekends, Wes can be found golfing and entertaining family and friends on his boat at Lake Hartwell.

A staunch believer in giving back, Wes volunteers in his community as a basketball and football coach for multiple age groups. Notably, Wes coached travel softball at the national level for many years. As a result, he brings his coaching and team-building experience to help everyone around him achieve their highest potential.


  • BS, Management, Shorter University